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What I got for Christmas

2016-12-30 19:14

It was a little difficult for me to do this post because I really wanted to share the amazing things I got but I did not want to make and endless post of Every. Little. Thing. That I got but on the other hand I did not want to come off as this entitled brat that only shows the big stuff since I am most certainly as thankful and happy about a pair of socks from my mother or a pair of chopsticks as I am for something that could be considered a luxury item.

So to be clear, this is not a list of items that I liked the most, for example my friend Kyra sent me things that mean the world to me but except for emotional things I can not really say much about them that you could benefit from. That's why I though showing you the things that would make a great blog post but would only give very thin content if I would cover them alone, makes the most sense.

It's a mix of everything I spend my free time on such as lolita, makeup and cooking but also little things that make life just a little more cozy.


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restoring my old makeup table

2016-12-28 05:32

I have been wanting to restore my little rococo console for a while now, you can see in my instagram post above that it was a little yellowed and I honestly thought it was kinda boring to look at. It was actually one thing of my 30 things I want to do while being 30 list (that I post about soon)

restoring my old makeup table
restoring my old makeup table
so in summer my step father helped me smoothing it down and polishing it.
I picked a cold icy blue as a color and was first a little sad about how it looked like while it was wet but when it dried down it got a bit darker and dried into this really amazing, bonbon-candy color

restoring my old makeup table

We had it dry an entire day before I took it home with me, when you restore something I recommend doing it during the summer time and at a place where you can leave it outside overnight, thats why I chose to do it at my mothers place since she has a huge garden and a working atelier.

restoring my old makeup table

It is obviously too small to be my makeup table but I am trying to make it work, now that I set it up I want to do the chair in the same color or a dusty pink. I am still searching for a pretty mirror, preferably with a ring light, like the one we have in the main bathroom. Maybe something really modern so it gives a nice contrast of old and new.

restoring my old makeup table

Easy DIY Christmas Tree Decor

2016-12-26 06:09

Easy DIY Christmas Tree Decor

I am SO tired but SO happy,
we celebrated a wonderful Christmas evening yesterday and continued this morning with even ore presents and a hug breakfast.
We went out for Dinner tonight and I had a couple of cocktails, now The family is eater asleep or playing video games and I’'m kind of in a food delirium watching Anna Karenina.

The year is almost over and I have really been looking forward to the days off work between Christmas and New Years to re-charge, relax, spend time with y loved ones and to blog of course.

I am not a great blogger but I just love sharing photos, so I thought a Winter Wonder Week with lots of smaller blogposts would be great for that!

Easy DIY Christmas Tree Decor
I want to start with a tiny DIY Christmas tree deco idea I had. This year is the first year we have our very own tree and not just one at our parents houses. I grew up with beautiful decorated trees. Crystal, gold or hand painted ornaments and really beautiful decor from my grandmother so I wanted to do something special for my very first, very own Christmas tree. I saw the ornaments n a store, they are nothing special, white, pastel, some matte some shiny.


I think it gives a nice dynamic and the shiny ones reflect the lights really nice. However I wanted the tree to be simple and „"foresty"“ is that even a word? I really love pine cones but didn't’t know how I could get them on the tree, I found some pine cones that had little clips attached but they were like 40€€ for only 5 pieces, so I went to one of my fav home decor stores and bought 20 cones for like 3€€, I also got a little craft wire and for around 5€€ I had really cute tree decor that I can re-use next year, too!

Take a pine tree, wrap the wire around the little „tails“, twist it and then fixate it on the tree!

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