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I have to be honest. I was always really skeptical of highlights and strobing and I feel like an Idiot now haha.

My friend Patty ordered the (in)famous Jeffree Star Cosmetic Skin Frost King Tut Highlighter.
You know, the one that breaks super easy. I do not have an opinion on Jeffree Star and would have probably not bought any of his products since they are not available in Germany and I only go trough the hassle of customs and long waiting times for products that I already used and love.

So she ordered it, it arrived broken and was way too dark for her. She got a refund from the Company and could have thrown it away...buuut She didn't. She was coming to Germany and asked me if I wanted it. I looked up a few reviews and kind of was curious. Except for the broken highlighter the reviews were all super positive, people were loving it and so I said "Yes, bring it!".

SKIN FROST: King Tut – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

She gave me a short walk trough on how to fix it and my other friend Aimee
gave me some further instructions.

I love fixing stuff and it was absolutely worth it. If you have a broken powder, highlighter, eyeshades or any other pressed powder product that broke, here is an easy way to fix it 😊

all you need is Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol that you can get at any drugstore or pharmacy) and some time.

SKIN FROST: King Tut – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

You can use a tissue or toilet paper with a pretty pattern to get a nice relief.

My iPhone doesn't really pick it up but it really looks like a tropical fairy came and kissed you on the cheek and nose tip.

I'm not a beauty blogger or expert, I can only do my best and try showing you things for makeup noobs like me. The product is so crazy pigmented as you an see below and it looks amazing on deeper skin tones I'm so obsessed with it and
Love using it on my eyes and dekolleté.

SKIN FROST: King Tut – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

 This is my very first time applying Highlighter myself and I have no clue how to do it. I believe everyone has their own way of applying it I honestly used my fingers to blend it out on my nose and a fan brush for my cheeks. It is ind of messy but for my first time I believe it is ok 😊


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