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miillkribbon milchmädchen autumn is here! lets make apple pie (and look at pictures of he..ehhhh?)
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Hello everyone!

I love apple pie in fall, specially because it is so easy!

apple pie

oh....There are also some random photos of me my boyfriend took because I find them pretty ^^;;
apple pie
Prepare pastry for a two crust pies and peel, and slice your apples. Then combine the sugar and cinnamon depending on how sweet you want the filling. I also add a little bit of flour, like a table spoon or two.
Mix it all with the apples and fill it in your prepared pastry lined pie plate.

apple pie

Now cover it with the left over crust. You can do all kinds of decorating, I like a simple braid pattern. Finally, place it on the lowest rack in oven at 230C / 450F for 10 minutes, then you should reduce oven temperature to 170C /350F and continue bakeing for another 30 minutes.

apple pie
When you serve it warm add some vanilla ice cream! It taskes so good!!

apple pie


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