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restoring my old makeup table

2016-12-28 05:32

I have been wanting to restore my little rococo console for a while now, you can see in my instagram post above that it was a little yellowed and I honestly thought it was kinda boring to look at. It was actually one thing of my 30 things I want to do while being 30 list (that I post about soon)

restoring my old makeup table
restoring my old makeup table
so in summer my step father helped me smoothing it down and polishing it.
I picked a cold icy blue as a color and was first a little sad about how it looked like while it was wet but when it dried down it got a bit darker and dried into this really amazing, bonbon-candy color

restoring my old makeup table

We had it dry an entire day before I took it home with me, when you restore something I recommend doing it during the summer time and at a place where you can leave it outside overnight, thats why I chose to do it at my mothers place since she has a huge garden and a working atelier.

restoring my old makeup table

It is obviously too small to be my makeup table but I am trying to make it work, now that I set it up I want to do the chair in the same color or a dusty pink. I am still searching for a pretty mirror, preferably with a ring light, like the one we have in the main bathroom. Maybe something really modern so it gives a nice contrast of old and new.

restoring my old makeup table


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