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What I got for Christmas

2016-12-30 19:14

It was a little difficult for me to do this post because I really wanted to share the amazing things I got but I did not want to make and endless post of Every. Little. Thing. That I got but on the other hand I did not want to come off as this entitled brat that only shows the big stuff since I am most certainly as thankful and happy about a pair of socks from my mother or a pair of chopsticks as I am for something that could be considered a luxury item.

So to be clear, this is not a list of items that I liked the most, for example my friend Kyra sent me things that mean the world to me but except for emotional things I can not really say much about them that you could benefit from. That's why I though showing you the things that would make a great blog post but would only give very thin content if I would cover them alone, makes the most sense.

It's a mix of everything I spend my free time on such as lolita, makeup and cooking but also little things that make life just a little more cozy.

I start from right to left I guess, The first thing that I got that really amazed me was the Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils Mascara, I tried all kids of mascara brands and brushes but was always left with "spider leg" lashes that just looked terrible. I have good lashes, long, naturally curled and thick but they kind of go under after I applied makeup and then destroy the whole look because of "spider leg" lashes. I got this mascara as a tester a while ago and I fell in love with it immediately the YSL brushes are amazing, they keep my lashes separated, don't leave lumps, not even on my lower lashes. My lashes look even fuller, longer and almost as if I had lash extensions but still very natural. I think this mascara is great for WOC with (very) curly lashes. The only thing is that (obviously) it costs a little more so I was very happy when I opened the gift box and saw that my boyfriend has gotten me this since the one I am currently using is almost empty.

Moistfull Collagen Facial Stick from Etude House was on my wishlist for quite a while now, I wanted to get it this summer but never had enough items to get the free shipping so I never bought it. I'm really looking forward to try this out!

Then I got 2 matte liquid lipsticks one from NYX one from Kylie, I did get True Brown K and Dolce K for my birthday from my boyfriend and was ever since then obsessing over these lipsticks (note: Not the lip liners. They are nice but I personally feel like they are not more special than the Color Pop ones that are only like 5€). I tried everything from Color Pop to Anastasia Beverly Hills but every liquid lipstick left my lips super dry and flakey. I ran out of Dolce K a few weeks ago, that's how obsessed I was over it and couldn't re-order because I got no credit card and did not want to ask my boyfriend to buy them for me. I actually wanted to ask one of my friends from the States that coming to Barcelona this spring to bring me one along with "Moon" that was sold out (probably still is). Honeymoon from NYX was a great alternative and I was suprised how good it felt! I got the lipsticks from two seperate poeple so you see - you have to spend lots of money for high end-ish (I dont really want to call KC high end) producsts. The NYX once is only like 7€.

Next I got the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, I got some samples from my friend Patty and loved this primer from the first second on. I was standing around the Smashbox display at my local beauty store whenever we went there but the price (even though I think it is justified) always put me off a little, so getting this baby under my Christmas tree was amazing! The texture is quite thick, almost like velvet but it makes my skin so soft, fills all of my pores, makes my foundation "slide" on perfectly and stay on even though I tend to have oily skin sometimes.

Next is my cozy pack! I want to point out the socks because even something simple as socks can make a girl's heart go doki doki. I wanted a onesie for ages and the socks are super thick and will keep my icy feet warm until springtime! The headband is from Etude House and another great example of something super simple that most girls will love. I was always annoyed with my hair when I have a face mask on or when I'm doing my makeup and little hairs just didn't want to stay in place so this will help me solve this problem.

Next is my Lamy fountain pen in white. I really hate my hand writing and wanted to improve it, I write like a 4th grader in my opinion and my whole family knows how uncomfortable I feel writing things down. So getting a pretty pen makes me super happy because I can work on improving my handwriting.

Then there is La Vie Est Belle from Lancôme and this is a premiere because I never liked a mother perfume other than Juicy Couture and Dior. I bought La Vie Est Belle for my mother last year because she is a huge Lancôme fan and when she put it on I was immediately in love with this sweet and rich smell. So receiving it as a gift for myself was wonderful. I usually like the bubbly and happy fragrances from Juicy Couture in Summer and don't wear any perfume during the Winter time but I guess this is the past now because it is my absolute favorite smell in Winter now.

Another Etude house product I got from a dear friend of mine, it's a lip mask with honey. I always complain about my dry lips so hopefully this will help. I like these lip masks a lot but I only use them very rarely which I should change because my lips are always so dry and cracked. The super cool Funassyi face mask came in a package with lovely goods from my lovely friend Kyra. If you l(ike me) love trying out new things for your skin I these face masks are perfect for you. You can get them at pretty much every Asian beauty sore with like every character you love like, Sailor Moon, Rose of Versailles, Gudetama, and so on. (if you are darker like me I would always look at the ingredient list because there are some masks out there that will bleach / brighten the complexion and that's something I would never let on my skin)

I got two makeup bags one of them says "leave a little sparkle everywhere you go" which is super cute because it is actually a little joke about me and my glitter powder that ,when I craft, leave all over the house and my boyfriends seriously has had nervous breakdowns about the sparkle I left all over the place.

The next items are some lolita items and I think my boyfriend got a really cute way of gifting me lolita things without getting the wrong things or just giving me money just like that, he makes little gift cards for me with Papal and then I order the things in the size or color I want. This way I got a pair of lolita shoes and a petticoat for Omnia Vaniatas. I really love Angelic Pretty's glitter shoes but sadly they don't come in my size, so getting another pair of super cute black sparkly shoes makes me really happy. I love the most that they are a bit pointy and more mature compared to the pour tea party shape.

Theeeen I got a bottle of Aloe Vera Gel. My boyfriend was always sideying me for using the Lilly of the Desert 100% Aloe Vera gel that is actually a food supplement as a toner (it is a great toner and makes dark spots disappear !!!)
If you have darker skin and some dark spots I can highly recommend to insert Aloe Vera gel into your daily skin care routine!

Next are slippers! THEY SPARKLE! You can not really see it on the photo but they do and I love it! I really believe Slippers are the most under rated gift!

Another gift from my mother was "The Sellout" a 2015 novel by Paul Beatty the book won the 2016 Man Booker Prize. I rarely read (I know it's a shame) so a fun book was a good reminder to start reading again.

Then I got some really cute ombre pens and a desk mat that says "Let's Get Tings Done" I really wanted to set up my desk at work a little cuter for the new year. I love my work but cute stationary make me love it even more.

My boyfriend always supports me with my baking adventured but we both know in general I can not cook and I hate cutting things. So he got me this food processor from Kitchen Aid. I have been changing my diet drastically but it was always such a hassle to prepare meals so I am really happy I got this because it will make cooking a lot easier and faster for me. I hope I can show you some quick and easy low carb recipes in the future.

Last but not least. Socks. Again. Black Angelic Pretty ankle socks. When in doubt buy brand socks. That's my advice for all the lolita boy and girlfriends, mothers and fathers.

I am beyond thankful for everything I got and I really want to show you all the things but honestly it just doesn't make sense to show you things I can not say anything about except "I love it because my mom / boyfriend/ friend got this for me."

Some items you might see again in other blog posts and seriously every.single.item. (if you care) will be in my instagram stories.

Gifting is not about how much you spend or how big a present is. I am thankful for "just" a hug and "just" a message of someone I love. I just wanted to show you the things that I got for Christmas this year,that you might also be interested in. You might also get an idea of what to give to someone you love in the future.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas) or otherwise amazing Holidays.


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