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We will make this sweet and quick because damn! I got things to do!

2016 has been a wild ride for me. Turning 30 in July was something I have been scared of for many years, when I was in my 20s I often caught myself worrying about things. About my life, how I felt like a failure, heartache, lost battles, wrong turns and unfulfilled hopes. I was scared of turning 30 cause I was scared of being in this state forever. But as closer I got to turning 30 years old the better my life got. Here are 30 things I learned by turning 30 and that hopefully help you a little no matter in what sage in life you are right now.

1. My moms advice is based on years of life experience.

2. Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.

3. Feelings, specially bad ones are only temporary.

4. There's nothing more important than being Comfortable in your own skin.

5. Saying „No" to activities and events that I don’t want to go to, makes more time for things I rather be doing.

6. Putting the phone down while you talk to someone means a lot nowadays.

7. My Grandma was the best cook and I should learn to cook like her.

8. Asking for help is not a weakness.

9. Rest is important in order to be productive.

10. Comparing myself to others will get me nowhere.

11. The Importance of getting out of the city! It's like vacation for my head.

12. I'm not too old for midnight swims.

13. When I’m not feeling something 100%, I shouldn’t force myself to do anything but take care of myself.

14. Work smarter not harder.

15. Creating a routine is important - Specially for breakfasts.

16. Matte lip stains are not for everyone.

17. My parents are actually pretty cool!

18. Money is not everything.

19. Sending hand-written thank you cards is incredibly meaningful.

20. When to let go.

21. Sometimes all you need is ice cream, or a good cocktail, or both.

22. A title never determines my self-worth.

23. A mother’s love is everything.

24. drinking 2l of water a day makes your skin glow!

25. Loving yourself is a challenge but it's worth it.

26. Listening to DJ Khaled Snapchats in the morning is actually really motivating haha...

27. Listening to Drake after you got out of bed makes the whole day a great one.

29. Allowing others to educate you and apologizing if you did wrong.

30. All the crap I went through in my 20s taught me the most valuable lessons. Like, that bad times will pass, I know this because I have seen it happen before and time made me really appreciate what I have. My circle got a bit smaller after I started dropping toxic people in my life so that the friends who are still around are definitely quality. Things that made me cringe & literally want to disappear into a hole in the ground are now stories that I laugh about with my friends and I might still have cake or pastry for breakfast sometimes or binge watch my favorite TV shows but my apartment feels like a home and not like a dorm room anymore. And as I watched the fireworks the night before my 30th birthday, it finally felt right. Yes I made it. I (kind of) got my shit together. I am where I want to be in life.

Today is the last day of the year I turned 30. I remember another big step was my 16th birthday. I just came back from Lake Michigan and sat in the Garden making wishes for my 16th year on this planet, which I imagined to be the most amazing year ever. I wanted to see blink 182 live, I wanted to get a tracksuit like the one Jlo as wearing in the "I'm real" video and I wanted to travel. I look back at this with a smile. I really loved making plans for the future so I want to end this blog and this year with sharing some of my plans for 2017 with you:

1. Go on a camping trip with my family
2. Brush up my French
3. Get fit and eat more healthy
4. Go to a relaxing vacation trip
5. Do laundry before 10pm
6. Blog more
7. Learn to properly wrap a present
8. Learn to do the perfect winged liner
9. Work on my online shop
10. Put my phone away during meals

Thank you for reading and cheers to you, to 2017 and to everything we have learned


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