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 Hello girl and boy witches, monsters, demons, zombie brides and grooms,

I have been trying to make spooky and scary looking food but yea, the sweet lolita in me just can't go without a little pastel, not even for Halloween.

Royal Icing is super ways and a fun way to decorate your cookies.
Inspired by sweet artists like KUNIKA I made some sugar cookies for our family Halloween party.


For about 30 cookies you need:
some table spoons of lemon juice or water, 2 eggs and about 500 g / 4 coups confectioners sugar, deepening on how big your eggs are you will need a little more or less sugar.

 Start with beating the egg whites in a clean bowl with a hand mixer at high speed until  foamy, test it hold turning the bowl upside down when it still runs keep beating until it stays fixed in the bows even when you hold it upside down. Gradually add the sugar and some  lemon juice or water. Beat at high speed until thickened.

When the mixture has the consistency of toothpaste you can add some paste food coloring if you like.

When you have the desired color let it is for 2-3 min and pop little air bubbles with a toothpick.


I have bought some icing nozzles out of metal and I would suggest you doing the same, the plastic ones are just not as easy to use.

Take the mixture in your icing bag and start doing the outlines, then fill in the outlines and if necessary fix mistakes with a toothptick.


I prepared 3 pastel colors and even though they are not perfect I had fun doing it and for my first time they didn't turn out as terrible as I expected

Let to cookies dry out for 24 hours, if you made too much put some cling film and put it on the bowl and put it in the fridge you can keep it for 2-3 days. On the cookie you can keep it for 2-3 weeks

the super cure pixel graphics in this post are from:

Fanta cake

2016-10-22 04:26

This cake is a very special cake to me :)
it wakes childhood memories since it is a very popular cake for kids birthdays in Germany.

fanta cake

I don't often bake this cake, but when I do it is because I had a terrible day where like work was stressful, and I missed the bus or forgot my keys, stepped into a puddle, broke my nail and had an argument with my boyfriend, things like that.

A day where I really just want to sit on the sofa with no pants on and watch reality TV trash and forget about all the stupid stuff is going on right now.

This cake is so easy and quick, you will love it.

fanta cake

For the base you need:

125g flour
2 eggs
125g sugar
6 ml Oil
75ml Orange Lemonade
2tsp baking powder
bake at 180°C / 356°F (Lower and upper heat)  approx. 25 minutes


For the cream:

450g canned tangerines
300 ml whipped cream
2 scoops of whipping cream stiffener
300 g heavy sour cream
Cinnamon powder
3 scoops of vanilla sugar

fanta cake

First you need to mix the eggs and sugar until smooth (it's easiest with a handmixer). Then you add the oil and the fanta.
add flour and baking powder to the dough, use a kitchen sieve. Now, grease your sheet pan fill the dough into it.
Bake for around 25 minutes at 180°C / 356F.

fanta cake

Then let it cool down and prepare the cream

Take halof vanilla sugar and the cream stiff then mix it together in a large bowl with the whipped cream. Whisk until smooth and stiff.
Use the rest of the vanilla sugar and stir it together with the heavy sour cream and tangerines add some cinnamon sugar and then put it in the fridge.

when the base is cooled down cut out little circles, you can use a round spring pan or a big bowl with thin edges.

fanta cake

Now the fun begins:
Get the cream out of the fridge and spread the cream between the cut out cake layers. Add cream, cake layer, cream, cake layer,...

et voilà:

fanta cake

Now decorate it the way you want :)
Now treat yourself.

Hello everyone!

I love apple pie in fall, specially because it is so easy!

apple pie

oh....There are also some random photos of me my boyfriend took because I find them pretty ^^;;
apple pie
Prepare pastry for a two crust pies and peel, and slice your apples. Then combine the sugar and cinnamon depending on how sweet you want the filling. I also add a little bit of flour, like a table spoon or two.
Mix it all with the apples and fill it in your prepared pastry lined pie plate.

apple pie

Now cover it with the left over crust. You can do all kinds of decorating, I like a simple braid pattern. Finally, place it on the lowest rack in oven at 230C / 450F for 10 minutes, then you should reduce oven temperature to 170C /350F and continue bakeing for another 30 minutes.

apple pie
When you serve it warm add some vanilla ice cream! It taskes so good!!

apple pie

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I have to be honest. I was always really skeptical of highlights and strobing and I feel like an Idiot now haha.

My friend Patty ordered the (in)famous Jeffree Star Cosmetic Skin Frost King Tut Highlighter.
You know, the one that breaks super easy. I do not have an opinion on Jeffree Star and would have probably not bought any of his products since they are not available in Germany and I only go trough the hassle of customs and long waiting times for products that I already used and love.

So she ordered it, it arrived broken and was way too dark for her. She got a refund from the Company and could have thrown it away...buuut She didn't. She was coming to Germany and asked me if I wanted it. I looked up a few reviews and kind of was curious. Except for the broken highlighter the reviews were all super positive, people were loving it and so I said "Yes, bring it!".

SKIN FROST: King Tut – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

She gave me a short walk trough on how to fix it and my other friend Aimee
gave me some further instructions.

I love fixing stuff and it was absolutely worth it. If you have a broken powder, highlighter, eyeshades or any other pressed powder product that broke, here is an easy way to fix it 😊

all you need is Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol that you can get at any drugstore or pharmacy) and some time.

SKIN FROST: King Tut – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

You can use a tissue or toilet paper with a pretty pattern to get a nice relief.

My iPhone doesn't really pick it up but it really looks like a tropical fairy came and kissed you on the cheek and nose tip.

I'm not a beauty blogger or expert, I can only do my best and try showing you things for makeup noobs like me. The product is so crazy pigmented as you an see below and it looks amazing on deeper skin tones I'm so obsessed with it and
Love using it on my eyes and dekolleté.

SKIN FROST: King Tut – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

 This is my very first time applying Highlighter myself and I have no clue how to do it. I believe everyone has their own way of applying it I honestly used my fingers to blend it out on my nose and a fan brush for my cheeks. It is ind of messy but for my first time I believe it is ok 😊

No Bake: Strawberry Cheesecake

2016-06-08 21:35


Last saturday EGL Fashion lovers from all around the world celebrated the International Summer Lolita Day. ☀️🌴

People organise special meet ups, hang out with friends or do their very own celebration of the day that was created waaaaay back to revel the fashion that we love.

EGL members started this day along with the Winter Lolita Day and ever since then this has become a cared for tradition.
 You can check out some photos for example under the #internationallolitaday tag on Instagram or Tumblr.


This is where it all started
To celebrate this special day I wore an older Innocent World JSK that I bought at my second trip to Tokyo. Innocent World stores are always so pretty decorated and they cater to a wide range of sizes with their full backshirring pieces.

I did my very own celebration, inspired by my dear friend Chibi Tenshi who mentioned her love for rose syrup the other day so I really wanted to try a recipe with it. (she also runs the best shopping service in Japan). I came up with the idea of a Strawberry Rose Cake. 

 I don't bake often and I have two left hands. So if you are like me, completly talent free when it comes to baking then this is the right post for you. This No Bake (!!) Strawberry Rose Cheesecake is so easy even I could do it.




In Summer you don’t want to eat heavy cakes so I thought a graham cracker base would be perfect combined with a fruity cheesecake cream.
I added strawberries, blueberries and some rose syrup. Here is the full list of ingredience for a 20cm springform pan:

zufwiua8r3208zf.png 5678ziuct6c7v8zb.png rgerhge4356gervvds.png

First you have to put backing paper onto the springform base and then mix the graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar, melted butter until well blended. When you’re done press the mixture onto the springform base.

Next you take the 4 sheets of gelatin and soak them in cold water for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile you can take the mascarone and cream cheese to blend them together well until it is all creamy.

Take the strawberries, blueberries, lemon juice and rose syrup and blend them along with a tablespoon of sugar.

You can make a strawberry border for your cake. To do that just leave some strawberries out, cut them in half and put them into the springform along the wall belt with the inside of the berry facing to the outside.

Beat the whip cream wth the leftover sugar until it it is thick. Mix it all together with the mascapone/cream cheese and the blended strawberry smoothy thing. (Mix it with Cherry Absolute Vodka if you have too much of it left over and add some ice 🍹enjoy & thank me later)

Take the gelatin and cook it until it's all melted, then mix it into the strawberry cream. Fill it all into the springform and put it into the fridge over night.

Then the next day you can decorate it in any way you want. I thought the rose syrup will give it a nice note so I went for a rose decor. You can actually eat rose petals in case you didn’t know. Please make sure to decorate your cake only with eatable flowers that have not been treated with chemicals. I get mine out of my mothers garden.
Add some of the leftover blueberries and that’s it! it is so easy and tastes SO good. Light and summery.


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